Principle 1: Max Good Fat, Min Bad Fat, Max Complex Carb, Min Sugar

First, it’s important to recognize the good from the bad in fat and sugars. Our body needs fat. It is not questionable. But what type? Good fats are unsaturated fats, and we need to incorporate those nutrients in our diet. For instance, we can find them in Salmon and many other oily fishes, nuts, olive … Continue reading Principle 1: Max Good Fat, Min Bad Fat, Max Complex Carb, Min Sugar


Today we have many scientifically proven studies showing that calorie restriction does positively impact our health and longevity. On the other side, we all know that obesity is a leading factor of diseases and premature death. To put it simply; some dietary interventions will affect or even change some genes directly that are responsible for … Continue reading Nutrients


As I explained before, building a health strategy is all about picking up the best from everywhere and having the right mindset, be happy to have feedbacks, and ready to change your mind when you realise that you are not on the right direction. Thanks to the latest technology improvements, lots of great scientists (or … Continue reading Principles

Why do we age?

There are plenty of different theories on this subject, and the one described here seems the most scientifically correct in my opinion: When we are breathing our body is burning fat and sugars with the oxygen and other sorts of reactive molecules to produce the necessary energy to survive. In this process, the oxygen is … Continue reading Why do we age?


We are eating way too much meat, saturated fat, and free sugar. All of these excesses are responsible for overweight, high levels of sodium in the blood implying high blood pressure, water retention. We are also consuming too much phosphor (coming from dairy products) which reduces significantly our capacity to absorb magnesium and calcium correctly. … Continue reading Overloads

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